Leah Bigham

Leah Bigham


A life-changing discovery compelled Leah to begin creating Indelible Imprints, which she records on her blog. Through words, images and music she reminds others that their lives tell a powerful story and leave an eternal legacy. She is the author of Solitaire’s First Fall, and is working to complete her first novel. Learn more at leahbigham.com.

Where Differences are Made

Kyle Godfrey started attending the Powers-Ginsburg Saturday Sports Program when it began in the fall of 2009. He was just out of the sixth grade. Since then, he has become a volunteer for the program, where his focus has shifted from competition and entertainment to making a difference in the lives of children who currently attend.

Leah BighamWhere Differences are Made
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Opportunity Ignites On The Soccer Field

Love, hard work, dedication and service sums up the story of Saturday Sports participant, Chris Rosas. With stated goals to become a pediatrician, help provide for his family and raise the Saturday Sports attendance, Rosas makes it a priority to invest positively into the lives of others.

Rosas graduated last May from Fresno Pacific University and returned to the Saturday Sports program after taking some time away to finish school. He commented on the young talent and hinted at his goal to raise the level of competition on the field at Susan B. Anthony, where he presides over the soccer games.

Leah BighamOpportunity Ignites On The Soccer Field
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Service Comes Full Circle

At a Fresno elementary school, 20-year-old Bibiana Montes felt a spark ignite in her as a kindergartener. She dreamt that one day she would become a teacher, in part because of her influencers at Susan B. Anthony where she attended school and Saturday Sports. These individuals, teachers and volunteers, left a deep, personal impact on Bibiana. Their support helped her define her career goals and find the confidence to pursue them in hopes of making a difference in the lives of children.

Leah BighamService Comes Full Circle
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