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Heart + Vision = IMPACT

The relationship began a few years ago when a group of people from The Well Community Church were challenged to “be the church” and find creative ways to serve our city. Rather than choosing from a bunch of planned service opportunities, folks were challenged to look around and find impactful ways to reach out. Jerry DiBuduo’s life group got together with some others and decided to pick 5 Boys & Girls Clubs in Fresno and take 15 kids from each club to a Fresno Grizzley’s game. Twenty-five chaperones and seventy-five kids – they had a fantastic time!

That started it all! They really connected with the kids that day and from that point, decided to “adopt” the Pinedale Boys & Girls Club. Once the relationships were formed with those kids and their families, other needs were discovered and this group was committed to do what they could do to bless this community. “For YEARS”, they said, “we had all written checks to various causes, but rarely shared our TIME!” WHAT an impact! Not only in the lives of the kids, but the volunteers as well.

Last year they decided to take on a bigger project and transform the alley behind the Pinedale Boys & Girls Club into greenspace, with a raised bed garden area and a shaded patio, greatly expanding the usable space for the kids in the neighborhood. It was a huge project that involved hundreds of people and thousands of dollars. It is beautiful!

A few weeks ago they hosted a Farmers Market with 40 volunteers and 2000 pounds of quality produce provided by several generous farmers. The produce was sold to families at significantly reduced prices, providing healthier foods for the families. The proceeds benefited the Boys and Girls Club as well as “Off the Front” who repaired 50 bicycles that day. HUGE IMPACT!

Who knows what they will think of next, but there is no doubt that they will continue to reach out with their hands and hearts with a vision to see Pinedale become a healthy and thriving community.

Heart + Vision + The Gift of Time = HUGE IMPACT!

andrewfeilHeart + Vision = IMPACT
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