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“This is so much fun!” I cherish those words I heard from students on my first day as a volunteer at Ericson Saturday Sports!

ENP’s mission is to “to connect churches and community partners to elementary schools and to equip them to serve through their active presence in every neighborhood.” What it boils down to is being a better neighbor.

andrewfeil“THIS IS SO MUCH FUN!”
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Parents Advocating for a Better Blackstone

Even through the Summer our partnership parents from Susan B. Anthony Elementary and Yokomi Elementary are learning and working together and be advocates for their communities through their involvement in the Better Blackstone project. As they take a closer look at their neighborhood they envision walkable sidewalks, revitalized businesses, bike lanes, cross walks and a shady bus stop with benches. All of which are elements of a healthy and flourishing corridor.

Parents gathered in early July and walked from Divisadero to Olive on both Abby and Blackstone, taking pictures and observing the assets and needs in their neighborhood.  The ultimate goal: to identify broken sidewalks, missing cross walks, missing waste baskets and any other areas that could be improved to make a healthy, safe, walkable community. 

They are excited and empowered by this role they are playing.  It’s just one more step in helping parents see the important role they can play as volunteers and leaders in their school and neighborhood.

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On August 7th neighbors will come together to Imagine the Possibilities for Blackstone.

Blackstone neighbors will be sharing their findings through a photography display. This “Photovoice/Fotovoz” project will highlight the healthy and unhealthy aspects of  daily life in this neighborhood. Through this project they are learning to be positive and proactive as they work together for a better neighborhood.

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Brenda Bravo
Every Neighborhood Partnership
Parent Engagement Coordinator

andrewfeilParents Advocating for a Better Blackstone
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