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God’s Calling… Reasons and Encouragement to Answer

Have you ever had a feeling that you’re being called to something? Something that might be beneficial (for you, for your community, for your family, for God’s Kingdom, etc.), but something that might be challenging, time-consuming or daunting?

About two months ago, my husband and I relocated from North Fresno into the Jackson Neighborhood. My new neighborhood is not as “desirable”, by most standards, as my previous neighborhood. If you had told me a few years ago that I’d make that move, I’d have said “Sorry, I think you have the wrong person.”

I know folks who have relocated over the years. I thought it was something admirable and necessary in our city, however, it wasn’t something I wanted to do. So, when God started stirring in me and my husband a notion of doing this ourselves, I was hesitant. There were lots of good things I envisioned coming from relocating. However, there were lots of reasons I pushed back. Most of those reasons had to do with my comfort, conveniences and insecurities — How will I fit in? Will I be safe? Is this an unwise financial decision?

Through prayer and lots of counsel over the last year, we decided relocating was right for us. I was excited about the change and following God’s call for us, but I was also nervous.

My expectations for relocating have already been exceeded and my fears have been calmed. I believe that is often the case with stepping out of what is known and comfortable. Yet, it is at times forgotten, which can make following God’s lead a struggle. Here are two important reasons I’ve found on why you should pursue your inkling to volunteer/move/start that conversation/serve/you-name-it:

  1. You’ll Get More Than You Give – Really. It’s been said before, but it holds true!

Blessing others with baked goods is something I enjoy doing. So, I was happy to take my new, next-door neighbors cookies and peaches. A few days later, my 12-year-old neighbor knocked on my door holding chocolate cake and mangos. While I enjoyed the cake, the act itself meant so much more to me. I definitely got more from that interaction than I had given. I felt connected and accepted by my new neighbors; something I had initially been nervous about.

  1. God’s Hand is Over the Work.

Safety for my family and my possessions was a concern I had when relocating. At my new home, the garage door has been inadvertently left open for multiple hours, not once, but twice. Miraculously, nothing from the garage has gone missing. While this may seem insignificant, those could have been situations to discourage me or reinforce my fears about this new neighborhood. Instead, I’ve seen it as encouragement from God and a small way that He’s showing me His protection in this move.

I don’t expect my decision to relocate to always be smooth sailing. But God has encouraged me thus far. I believe that when challenging times come, He will give me endurance, strength, and wisdom, and He can do the same for you as you pursue His calls!

If God is leading you to serve and you have questions, contact us – we’d be happy provide you some resources!

Becca GottseligGod’s Calling… Reasons and Encouragement to Answer

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