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Opportunity Ignites On The Soccer Field

Love, hard work, dedication and service sums up the story of Saturday Sports participant, Chris Rosas. With stated goals to become a pediatrician, help provide for his family and raise the Saturday Sports attendance, Rosas makes it a priority to invest positively into the lives of others.

Rosas graduated last May from Fresno Pacific University and returned to the Saturday Sports program after taking some time away to finish school. He commented on the young talent and hinted at his goal to raise the level of competition on the field at Susan B. Anthony, where he presides over the soccer games.

Rosas started attending Saturday Sports when he was a freshman in high school, but when he started college, it became more difficult to attend between work, classes, soccer practice, and responsibilities to his family. The program took a dip in its attendance, in part because of his absence. So Rosas took it upon himself to return and grow the program, back to its thriving state, after he graduated.

Soccer is a stress reliever for Rosas and the sport brings him great joy. He wants the kids in his community to experience that joy first hand, which is the underlying motive for his goals with the program.

“I love being with kids,” he said. “I want to be there to care for them, to be their hero and to provide for them when they are in need.” This passion has led Rosas to aspire to become a pediatrician. He has a degree in pre-health Science and plans to apply for medical school to work toward that long-term goal. Until then, the soccer field is where he fulfills his passion by connecting with kids while kicking the ball around.

“I must continue to be involved because this community is full of wonderful people. They mean a lot to me in and out of the field.” Rosas hopes to create a space on the field for people to come and have a wonderful time. But he also wants to see a certain level of competition return to the game of soccer.

This responsibility was self-imposed, much like the role he fulfills for his family. He has eight younger siblings who he deeply admires. Rosas commits his time off of work to taking them to school. He also helps his parents with errands and legal affairs and makes himself available when there is a need.

The service and dedication Rosas shows his family comes naturally, as he credits them with the success he’s made thus far. “Without my family, I would not be the man I am today. I am proud to be their son, brother and someone to look to when they are in need.”

The soccer field gives Rosas a place to further demonstrate these selfless virtues and it is evidenced when he engages with the children during Saturday Sports. His interactions, during the game, are affirming and encouraging, commending good sportsmanship and distributing congratulatory high fives and hugs on the field. “I constantly motivate them throughout the game to never stop trying,” he said.

In the face of his own hardships, Rosas has put his own advice to practice, and he uses what he learns from those experiences for the good of others. Saturday Sports is merely the vehicle that gives him that opportunity. It gives him the chance to help kids, and fulfill his ultimate passion. “I like to listen carefully and motivate them,” he said and notes that he makes a specific point to remind them individually that nothing is impossible.

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Leah BighamOpportunity Ignites On The Soccer Field

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