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3 Practical Ideas to Help Prevent Summer Learning Loss

As the school year is coming to an end and summer quickly approaching, we know that means a lot of free time for kids. Here is one fact you need to learn and three ways you can keep children learning and growing over the summer months!


Are you aware of the negative impact on children not exposed to summer learning opportunities? Research shows that 2-3 months of reading skills and 2 months of math are lost when children are not exposed to summer learning activities.  By the end of 6th grade, students who regularly experience summer learning loss are an average of 2 years behind their peers. (1) We can do something about that!

It is our desire to find a variety of ways to get books into the hands of children this summer. We believe you can encourage them to read and to encourage them to keep learning!

We would love to see literacy activities in EVERY NEIGHBORHOOD this summer!

Here are a few things to keep in mind:

1) Have you heard about “Little Free Libraries”?  Can you imagine planting these little resources in partnership neighborhoods throughout our city? (Now imagine lots of them.) If you missed our last blog on Little Free Libraries check that out here.

Do you live in a neighborhood where you could host a Little Free Library in your front yard? Or even better, host a front-yard hang-out time and read with kids at your “Little Free Library”?

2) Do you or someone you know love woodworking?  Maybe they would like to serve our city by building little libraries that could be stocked with books for kids to borrow and return. (Be inspired by the ideas on our Pinterest page.)

3) Read With a Child This Summer. If Little Free Libraries aren’t your thing then maybe you should just come on out to a Saturday Sports program this summer and read with kids. We can plug you in!

Are you interested in reading with kids this summer at one of our Saturday Sports Programs?  For more information, please contact carol@everyneighborhood.org.


___  Read a book about space

___  Read a book while eating ice cream

___  Read a book and act it out

___  Read a biography

___  Read a chapter book

___  Read a book about bugs

___  Read a book to someone else

___  Read a book using a funny accent

___  Read a book – capture it on video

___  Read a biography

___  Read an alphabet book

___  Read while eating lunch

___  Read in a tent

___  Read a book about animals

___  Read a book under a tree

___  Read a book about another country

___  Read with your family

___  Read about friendship

___  Read at the park

___  Read about art

___  Read about manners

___  Read a book that makes you laugh

___  Read to a pet

___  Read about space

___  Read a comic book

___  Read about the United States

___  Read about the stars

___  Read on your bed

___  Read at a table

___  Read on a pillow

___  Read about plants


(1) Summer Learning Loss Facts

Carol Young


Carol grew up in Tigard, Oregon, and took the longest route possible to Fresno via Switzerland, Africa, and Indonesia. She has a passion for early learning and helping kids realize their God-given gifts so that they can be great leaders in their community! She loves to spend time with her 3 children and 8 grandchildren, and enjoys gardening, doing crafts, and raising chickens.

Carol Young3 Practical Ideas to Help Prevent Summer Learning Loss

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