ENP Maps

This map below displays our current ENP Partnerships. If you click on the door slider icon on the top left of the map you can turn on and off various layers such as: School Ratings, Concentrated Poverty Levels, Council Districts, City Limits, Parks, School Police Chaplain Sites.

PDF Version of Maps

ENP City Maps

All the ENP Maps. Download Here.

Fresno Health Score Map

Fresno Health Score Map. Download Here.

Fresno Concentrated Poverty Map

Fresno Concentrated Poverty Map. Download Here.

Fresno School Ratings Map

Fresno School Ratings Map. Download Here.

Fresno Banks & Payday Shop Map

Fresno Banks & Payday Shop Map. Download Here.

Fresno Violence Map

Fresno Violence Map. Download Here.

Fresno City Council Districts

Fresno City Council Districts. Download Here.

Fresno Police District Map

Fresno Police District Map. Download Here.

Fresno Council District Map

Fresno Council District Map. Download Here.

Blank Fresno Map

Blank Fresno Map. Download Here.

Asset Map (Organizations)

This map of displays organizational assets in Fresno/Clovis by elementary school neighborhoods. Email andrew@everyneighborhood.org to add organizations to this map.

CalEnviroScreen 3.0

The Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment, on behalf of the California Environmental Protection Agency, announces CalEnviroScreen 3.0. CalEnviroScreen is a screening tool used to help identify communities disproportionately burdened by multiple sources of pollution and with population characteristics that make them more sensitive to pollution. To learn more about CalEnviroScreen, go to the OEHHA website.

Local Food Programs

Use this Food to Share map to find meal services and distribution sites. Information is current as of July 2016. Please verify any and all details with the respective organization. If you would like to provide updated information on any listing, please contact song@fresnometmin.org or visit www.foodtoshare.org.