Partnership Resources

Below you will find the forms, documents, and resources that might be helpful for you, our wonderful partners!

Forms & Curriculum

If you are interested in ordering Saturday Sports T-Shirts for your volunteers (at your own cost) we have templates for that. Email for the files.


Games & Activites

Bible Stories

Character Talks
Consider coordinating your talks with the district’s monthly Pillars of Character:

  • August/September: Responsibility
  • October: Trustworthiness
  • November: Citizenship
  • December: Caring
  • January: Fairness
  • February: Respect
  • March: Respect
  • April: Trustworthiness
  • May: Caring
  • June: Citizenship & Fairness

Here is a link to a website with great resources for Character Lessons & Activities.

Crafty Websites

Finding ways to bless the staff and students in meaningful ways becomes much easier as you spend time on the school campus and become aware of the needs and opportunities.

Making yourself available and asking how your church can help are great first steps in finding ways you can bless a school in very intentional ways.

The possibilities are endless. The impact is great!

Here are a few ideas. Want to see what others have done?

For the Teachers and Staff

  • Bring bagels or donuts – just because!
  • Host a breakfast of BBQ for the staff
  • Help with the school carnival
  • Help teachers with classroom set-up or class projects
  • Volunteer to help with the Spelling Bee
  • Help with the Christmas Program
  • Create a supply closet for teachers
  • Help after school with sporting events
  • Help in the library or office

For the Children

  • Volunteer in a classroom a few hours a week
  • Read to children or listen to them read to you
  • Help kids with their math facts
  • Sit next to a child who is easily distracted
  • Help kids after school with their homework
  • Coordinate activities with kids at recess
  • Make snack bags for the kids during testing week
  • Purchase supplies for kids in need
  • Help with a class party
  • Volunteer to help with field trips
  • Collect food for families
  • Collect coats, shoes, socks, or backpacks
  • Start a Good News Club or Leadership/Mentoring Club

For the School

  • Plan a school beautification project! (Community Outreach Project – Talk to us!)

ENP Tools & Carnival Supplies

ENP exists to help you impact your community. The following items are available free of charge to our partnership churches and organizations for use in neighborhood outreach events. Make your request through the link below.

After you request supplies you will be contacted to confirm your request. Items must be returned clean, within 3 days following your event.

For questions email:


    andrewfeilPartnership Resources