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ServeFresno.org 2016 Highlights & Infographic

At ENP we believe that we are most satisfied when we are giving our lives away to something bigger than ourselves. We have found our passion. Serving schools and neighborhoods.

If serving with ENP in our schools and neighborhoods isn’t your passion we wanted to find a way for you to use your unique gifts and abilities. That is why we create ServeFresno.org.

ServeFresno.org makes it easy to find projects and volunteer opportunities across our city. As we look back at what 2016 we were blown away by the website traffic and usage of the Serve Fresno site.

We hoped that it would be a resourceĀ for the church and our city and boy has it! Check out the infographic below to see some of those highlights.

If you want to donate to support it click here.
If you want to add any new projects to the site email us here.

Can’t wait to see all that happens thru the site in 2017!

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andrewfeilServeFresno.org 2016 Highlights & Infographic

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