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Loving Your Neighbor – 2 Free Resources!

There is a growing movement across our nation to something that is both incredibly simple yet extremely difficult. Loving Your Neighbor.

It is one of the two key commands Jesus gave, but in our mobile 21st-century context we have lost the art of loving (or even knowing) our literal next door neighbors. God has uniquely created you and placed you to be His connection to a disconnected world. You are sent by God to be a light to your neighbors.

Several local churches have created resources that they want to make available to you to help make this happen!

Use these resources and work through them individually, as a family, or as a Small Group. Then commit to being intentional about reaching out to your neighbors, getting to know them, and praying for them.

Thanks to Jim Llyod of The Bridge Church, Paul Haroutunian of Evangelicals for Social Action (ESA/ Love INC), Ben Dosti of Harvest Bible Chapel Fresno, and Scott Carolan of The Well Community Church.

For additional reading on neighboring check out:

Also, check out our first Every Neighborhood Drive Tour: 101 Church For The City Tour to understand our city in a deeper way, be inspired, and have more resources than ever so that you can find your place in giving your life away for others!

Know Thy Neighbor


Loving Our Neighbor Study Guide

Loving Our Neighbors Study Guide



Andrew Feil is a father of three boys and is married to Denise Feil. They love and live in Fresno. Andrew is the current Associate Director at Every Neighborhood Partnership which seeks to connect churches to serve at elementary schools in one of California's most challenged districts. Andrew is a former Missions Pastor at The Well Community Church. Andrew has his Bachelors from Fresno Pacific University and a Masters from Bakke Graduate University in Social and Civic Entrepreneurship. With whatever free time he has, Andrew loves to be active, garden, read and support the best team in baseball: the Dodgers.

andrewfeilLoving Your Neighbor – 2 Free Resources!

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