Brian Semsem

Brian Semsem


Born and raised in Delano, CA. Married to his best friend, Jessica Semsem for nineteen wonderful years. Five amazing children, six wonderful grandchildren. The love of family is the source of Brian's passion for loving and serving others in our community. As the new Saturday Sports Coordinator, Brian is looking forward to the great privilege of working with all of our partnership volunteers and school staff throughout this great city who are passionate about kids, family, and community!

Play: What Is It?

I have been working on a blog about Play for some time now.  However, I hadn’t been able to narrow my focus well enough to share some of the things I have come to know about play in a concise and effective way. That being said, my intent is to simply share bits and pieces of the things that I have come to know about play. I’ll begin with an attempt to answer this question: “What is play exactly, anyway?”.

Brian SemsemPlay: What Is It?
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5 Fun Saturday Sports Activities! (Oct 2017)

Hey Saturday Sports Leaders & Volunteers!

At our last 20/Twenty event, I committed to trying to send out five new game ideas each month. Some of these activities you may already be familiar with and some may be new ones!

My hope is that we are sharing new game and activities ideas with each other so that we can Build A Saturday Sports Learning Community! In this community, we continue to develop and grow each of our Saturday Sports ministries.

Brian Semsem5 Fun Saturday Sports Activities! (Oct 2017)
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