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Bless The Staff!

It’s a season of thankfulness and giving – a great time to bless the staff at your partnership school!

Several of our partnership churches find ways to regularly bless the teachers and staff. This blessing can be as simple as coffee, tea, donuts and fruit. Gestures like this can brighten a teacher’s busy morning in amazing ways.

Not only will you bless the staff, but this blessing could serve to get others introduced to your ministry. Inviting people who love to bake but may not have the capacity to volunteer on campus during week is a great way to get them involved!

Bless the Staff Coffee Kit

Because we think this is such a great idea and so valuable for building your relationship with the school, we created a special coffee kit for our partnerships. This kit includes: pump pots, coffee maker, cups, sugar, creamer, stir sticks, napkins, coffee, and assorted teas.  

Then just add donuts, pastries, and fruit and you’re set!

Just ask the school if you can bring coffee and treats for the staff one day; I’m pretty sure they won’t turn you down.  Find out what day/time works best for them.  Then, bring a few people from your church to be there that morning to set up, greet and serve the staff.

They will feel loved and you will walk away with the blessing you intended to give!

Contact us at info@everyneighborhood.org to learn more or arrange to use the coffee kit!

Carol Young


Carol grew up in Tigard, Oregon, and took the longest route possible to Fresno via Switzerland, Africa, and Indonesia. She has a passion for early learning and helping kids realize their God-given gifts so that they can be great leaders in their community! She loves to spend time with her 3 children and 8 grandchildren, and enjoys gardening, doing crafts, and raising chickens.

Carol YoungBless The Staff!

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